If you live in the Houston area and are struggling with weight loss, it’s time to find a weight loss clinic you can put your faith in. Under the guidance of our experienced hCG diet doctors, you’ll find yourself able to reach (or even surpass) your weight loss goals. Imagine being able to wear a bathing suit with confidence this summer! We can help get you there in a shorter amount of time than most other weight loss programs.

What’s the Difference Between Equilibrium and Other Programs?

  • There’s no TV or internet program to buy. At Equilibrium Houston, your weight loss journey is between you and a qualified hCG doctor, giving you a personalized experience.
  • We will never leave you hanging! Unlike many weight loss programs in Houston, we offer our patients 24/7 support so you can always get answers to your questions or advice on how to optimize your weight loss efforts.

Benefits of the hCG Diet

  • By far, the top benefit of the hCG diet is that it works rapidly. You can expect to lose weight safely and effectively – meaning you can be buying new clothes and living a more active and healthy lifestyle in just weeks.
  • The hCG diet allows you to eat real, healthy food! Not only does the diet help you lose weight, but it also helps get you into healthy eating habits that will allow you to keep the weight off after the diet is over.
  • The hCG diet is good for anyone, but it’s especially good for people with busy schedules! That’s because the hCG diet does not require heavy exercise! We recommend light exercise to maximize your results, but it’s not mandatory.
  • An unexpected benefit of the hCG diet is that it increases skin elasticity. That means there’s a lower likelihood that you will experience the skin sagging often associated with weight loss. We offer weight loss without flabby skin!

As you can see, our hCG diet clinic is very different from other programs available today. That’s why we believe we are one of the top weight loss programs Houston has to offer. Want more information? Call our weight loss clinic today!

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HCG Diet Facts

The HCG plan is safe.
The HCG diet program produces rapid results.
The HCG diet has PROVEN Results backed by numerous clinical studies.
The program is effective for men and women over 18 years of age.
The HCG program is more affordable than many mainstream alternatives.

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Welcome to our Weight loss Clinic Houston! This website was created as a resource for individuals interested in learning more about the HCG diet, and how it can help them get into better shape.

The HCG diet plan is one of the few legitimate plans that truly delivers on the results it promises.