Do you need to exercise while on the hCG diet program? It’s not absolutely necessary but exercise will help.

If you’re not someone who particularly cares for spending a few hours, several times per week in the gym, some of these lower impact exercises could augment your hCG weight loss efforts nicely.

Why Exercise During a Diet?

Diet plays the biggest part in weight loss for most people. But with the hCG injections your body will aggressively reduce fat. With the hCG diet, you’re going to be losing fat fast and as a result you’ll see quick results. But exercise can help. Why?

Exercise will help you minimize loose skin that so often accompanies rapid weight loss. The hCG injections result in fat loss rather than muscle loss so you won’t have loose skin, and exercise can help combat this issue even more.

It will also help you tone as you lose weight. A toned body looks a lot better than one that’s lax and loose. Here are some high-result, low-impact exercises that can be a good way to get started on exercise.


Pilates creates long and lean muscles. Pilates exercises strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture. People who do Pilates tend to carry themselves well. Best of all, Pilates can be done in about twenty minutes and after a few sessions you’ll start to notice a big difference.

Bike Riding

Riding a stationary bike for twenty minutes can provide great cardio results. Or if you have a bicycle, you can go for a short bike ride. The fresh air and the exercise will be great for your body and mind.


Yes you can walk yourself thin, but it takes time. With hCG injections you can speed up that timing. Walking improves muscle tone and cardiovascular health and walking is a low impact way to burn calories and tone up fast. A short walk each day on your lunch break or after dinner could be a great way to get healthier without the several days of recovery required after a heavy-duty gym session.


Swimming is a low impact way to tone your whole body. It’s great for every inch of you and leaves you feeling energized.


Rebounders are mini trampolines. They can provide a great, fast workout with minimal impact on your joints (but with the capacity for great results in a short period of time). They also help cleanse your lymphatic system too. Read up on the benefits of rebounding and you’ll be surprised at what a great workout it can provide.


Dancing is a great way to burn calories and have fun while doing it. Dancing doesn’t feel like hard work and it has great cardio benefits.

As you can see you don’t have to work out for 2 hours a day to burn fat. By integrating the hCG diet plan with a bit of exercise you can see great results.

Some people don’t bother exercising while on an hCG diet plan, but if you do take advantage of 20-30 minutes of exercise at least three days a week you’ll look better, feel better, and improve both the quality and the quantity of your life. If you are looking for a weight loss clinic in the Houston area, then pick up the phone and call us today!

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