Many HCG dieters have the choice between taking HCG through injections or by consuming pills (known as sublingual HCG drops). Each avenue has its advantages and disadvantages, but the most popular method chosen by HCG experts and dieters around the world is HCG diet injections Houston. With that said, when it comes to hCG diet injections vs. pills, which is really the best?

Why HCG injections?

  • Some might conclude that HCG injections are popular nowadays because this was the chosen method by Dr. Simeons, the originator of HCG as a diet option. HCG pills are a newer phenomenon, and did not exist when Dr. Simeon made his HCG discoveries. Thus, many HCG dieters today choose the original method of injections because of its proven success over the past 50 years.
  • The HCG injections allow the HCG to enter your system at a faster rate than pill consumption, thus experiencing quicker effects of HCG. Furthermore, when patients choose injections, they will sometimes experience fewer side effects when compared to those taking the HCG pills.
  • Typically, HCG injections are administered once a day, whereas HCG drops must be consumed approximately three times a day. Drops might be a bit too laborious for those who are constantly busy or who forgetful to take the drops.

HCG diet drops

  • On the other hand, HCG pills or drops contain a much higher dosage of HCG than the amount in injections, and are placed beneath the tongue. To be exact, the pills have double the amount of HCG when compared to injections. Some HCG doctors and dieters do not feel comfortable with that.
  • If pills do not contain this high amount of HCG or dieters forget a dosage of drops, then the HCG drops will not be as effective in comparison to injections. Therefore, some might conclude that HCG pills are not as effective when compared to HCG injections.

Amazing results with HCG injections

Due to the overwhelming popularity of HCG diet injections, an astounding number of HCG dieters experience the amazing results. The Houston HCG diet experts will help you achieve your diet goals in a safe and effective way.

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HCG Diet Facts

The HCG plan is safe.
The HCG diet program produces rapid results.
The HCG diet has PROVEN Results backed by numerous clinical studies.
The program is effective for men and women over 18 years of age.
The HCG program is more affordable than many mainstream alternatives.

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