Fast fat loss is not a simple task. It’s rare that you will find a program which allows you to drop pounds quickly, while also remaining healthy. Most diet programs that promise quick results will be a detriment to your overall well-being. When you’re looking to lose weight fast, it is extremely important that you do it the healthy way. Whether you’ve tried every weight loss plan on the market, or your just now setting your weight loss goals, then the hCG diet is the answer!


Is fast fat loss possible with hCG?

  • The hCG diet plan combines injections of the hormone hCG with a low calorie diet.
  • This hormone causes your body to burn it’s stored fat.
  • A low calorie diet sustains your body’s nutrition requirements.
  • You will not feel hungry, therefore you will not be compelled to overeat.
  • You will see almost immediate effects! Real results with hCG take weeks, not months, to achieve.

So, how is hCG healthy?

  • The hCG diet is medically proven. First discovered over 50 years ago by British endocrinologist Albert T. Simeons, the diet has undergone numerous trials, with hundreds of people seeing real results!
  • The hCG diet incorporates nutrition therapy. Basically, this means that your body is not denied the nutrition it needs. This combination of a healthy, low calorie diet combines fast fat loss and real nutrition.
  • The hCG diet is medically supervised by a trained physician. Your trained physician will design a customized weight loss plan with your individual goals in mind. They will guide you through the weight loss process every step of the way, paying keen attention to your physical and mental health.

If you’re interested in fast, healthy weight loss, get your results from a quality weight loss clinic. The safest way to undergo this diet is through medical supervision, and you will get this individual attention at an hCG diet clinic.

The doctors at Equilibrium Houston don’t incorporate the hCG diet as an “add-on” to an existing practice. Equilibrium Houston specializes in the hCG diet, exclusively practicing weight loss therapy. They will pay special attention to your individual needs, incorporating nutrition therapy, hCG injections, and a low calorie diet into a weight loss program that gives you fast and healthy results.

They have dozens of satisfied customers, and their client testimonials attest to the success of the hCG diet.

For a complementary consultation with an hCG doctor at Equilibrium Houston, call 713-668-0094.

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HCG Diet Facts

The HCG plan is safe.
The HCG diet program produces rapid results.
The HCG diet has PROVEN Results backed by numerous clinical studies.
The program is effective for men and women over 18 years of age.
The HCG program is more affordable than many mainstream alternatives.

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The HCG diet plan is one of the few legitimate plans that truly delivers on the results it promises.